Women’s Issues


Women's Issues

Creative Living Center understands the struggles that can come with living as women. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to get support, and how to deal with gender-related issues that may be sensitive subjects to men, or other women who have not been marginalized or affected similarly. Creative Living Center offers training and support to help you, or someone you know, overcome female-gender related issues.

Issues women often experience:
  • Pay: Pay difference between herself and men who work at equal performance levels at the same job
  • Negative views from others: Subtle or non-subtle unfounded hints, claims, or opinions about a woman’s value, perceived highest obtainable performance or cognitive level, or role in society
  • Not taken seriously: Less likelihood to be taken seriously when asking for a raise, or appropriate benefits at work. Less likely to be thought of as having leadership potential, or promoted to leadership
  • Work Issues: Some women may experience job-security or work conflicts when pregnant, announcing they are pregnant, or changing work schedules in order to care for young children
  • Abuse: Women are more likely to be sexually and physically abused than men
  • Financials: Women are also more likely to be financially struggling. They are also more likely to live in poverty then men are, and with children, account for a large section of the poor
  • Child Care Issues: Women typically are the primary decision-makers in the case of pre-marital unplanned pregnancies –a major life event with huge emotional and financial consequences – and most often without help from the baby’s father. As well, women are often pressured to be the primary or sole child care giver in a family
  • Occupational and sport stigmatism: Women often receive stigmatism about certain kinds and intensities of careers that are typically viewed as “men’s work”. Women may also receive stigmatism about math, science, reasoning and athletic abilities
  • Targets for sexual encounters: Female children and adults are more likely to be abducted, lured or manipulated by sexual predators into sexual relationships, abuse situations or the sex industry
  • Criticized in careers: Woman business owners may be perceived as creating less revenue or employing fewer people. Research shows that women-owned businesses grow at the same rate as men-owned businesses. Women politicians and field leaders are also often criticized for feminine traits that do not affect job performance, or for appearing cold and / or aggressive when women decide not to show feminine traits
  • Seen as sexual objects: Woman’s bodies are often portrayed in the media as inherently sexual, and peer pressure to have an “ideal body” from both males and females leads to higher levels of body-image related self-esteem issues, as well as eating disorders in female children and adults
Creative Living Center is here to help you.

It can be hard to list what symptoms to look for, or treatments may work with such a wide variety of effects. We encourage you to contact Creative Living Center for questions about how to overcome gender related issues. Woman’s issues can have wide effect on the health of the body and the mind, and can affect:

  • Cognitive health
  • Emotional health
  • Assertiveness
  • Social interactions
  • Anxiety
  • Physical Health
  • Self Esteem