kid playing


AutPlay Therapy was created by Dr. Robert Jason Grant and is a play therapy method to working with children and parents affected by autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, neurodevelopmental disorders, dysregulation issues, and other developmental disabilities. It combines the therapeutic approaches of play therapy and behavioral therapy together in a collaborative model to assist children and adolescents in gaining needed skills and abilities. AutPlay Therapy is a combination of behavioral and developmental methodology that is both therapist-led and parent-led.


AutPlay Therapy focuses on four target (component) areas:
  • Increasing Emotional Regulation Ability
  • ncreasing Social Skills Development
  • Increasing Connection (Relationship Development)
  • Parent Training


How does AutPlay work?

AutPlay Therapy incorporates a combination of structured play therapy interventions with behavioral therapy approaches to teach children skill development in the areas of emotional regulation, social functioning, and relationship connection. When children can learn to self-regulate, possess social skills that relate to the environments they are asked to function in, and learn appropriate and meaningful relationship connection, they are less likely to have behavioral issues and more likely to function in their day-to-day environment successfully.