Psychiatric Services

If you feel that a known or possible mental illness is negatively affecting your life or causing others to misunderstand you, it may be beneficial to get professional support. Creative Living Center is here to help you understand and overcome mental challenges so that you can set your own path for the future. 

We provide services for:
  • Major depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bi-polar disorder
  • Phobias
  • Mood disorders
  • Psychiatric testing
Things to Know about Mental Illnesses: 
  • Many are Cyclical, meaning that the symptoms come and go in relation to stress. Persons may be able to function independently for periods of time but need help with regular tasks such as schoolwork, after a stressful event. Social functioning can also be affected
  • Many Illnesses are misunderstood 
  • There are many wrong stereotypes for mental illnesses.  For example, many people think that schizophrenia means "split personality." Many also think that “psychotic” refers to someone who is constantly very angry
  • Early Intervention WILL help. Early intervention can make a huge difference in both minimizing functional losses sustained by distraction during critical psychological development periods (especially the late teens to 20’s). As well, early intervention may prevent problematic behaviors and ease the tension that the individual already feels about his or her mental struggles. The earlier the treatment, the better for the person’s baseline functioning in the future

Are Mental Illnesses Genetic?

Genetics may play a  role,  though it is usually a small role. Factors affecting the development of the brain in utero (exposure to viruses, toxins, or lack of nutrients at critical periods) and stressors in early adulthood may play a role as well.

What are the chances of meeting someone with a Mental Illness?

Chances are you have met someone with a mental illness, as one in four adults – approximately 57.7 million Americans per year – experience a mental illness according to NAMI's Mental Illness: FACTS and NUMBERS. (Source:

Can Mental Illnesses suddenly develop?

For most people Mental Illness develop gradually, the timing varies depending on the person and the specific illness. There are some illnesses that can develop within weeks or days. For example, half of the people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia will develop symptoms gradually over years or months. The other half may develop symptoms in under a month.