Attachment Issues

father and daughter

Attachment Issues

Attachment issues can develop in infants to toddlers that have not been well attached or
even separated from their parents or guardians. Strong and healthy relationships may
have not been established as they may have been denied their basic needs like comfort,
physical touch, affection, and love.

What Causes Attachment Issues?
For a child to feel safe and secure, they need to develop a strong attachment to their
caregiver. The child’s relationship must be positive by having affection and an emotional
connection. Their physical needs should also be met consistently.

Symptoms to Look for
-Unexplained feelings of sadness, withdrawal, and irritability
-Not engaging in games like peek-a-boo
-Sad or apathetic facial expressions
-Failure to reach out when they want to be picked up and held
-Does not ask for comfort or give a response when they are comforted

More characteristics
Due to past experiences, children with attachment issues may struggle to develop strong
relationships, but they can overcome the problem. To seek help, early intervention is key.
Therapy and a safe environment would include consistent caregivers to whom they can
go for needs; positive interactions and responses; and adequate housing, food, and
clothing. Also, family and parent/child therapy sessions can help.